City of Sturgeon Newsletter
April 2002
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  • Mark your calendars for the annual City Wide Garage Sale!!!  Saturday, May 4, 2002.  As in the past, if you are interested you need to come up to the city office to sign up.  Maps and addresses of those who signed up will available closer to the date and again the Chamber of Commerce will be paying for the advertising.  (Thank You Chamber of Commerce)

  • May 18, 2002 will be "Bulk Pick up Day".  Superior Trash Service once again is offering this service to the City of Sturgeon.  This will be done twice a year.  There is however, one stipulation....all appliances/items that contain freon or refrigerant must have the compressors and freon removed, otherwise they will not be picked up.  In addition anything that is left out for pick up should not be larger or heavier than what two men are able to pick up.

Mt. Herob

  • The City would like to bring to the attention of its residents a concern about the Mt. Horeb Cemetery.  The cemetery is considered self-maintaining; meaning that whatever income is received for Mt. Horeb is used to cover any expenses that are incurred.  Income is considered as money received from the sale of burial plots, donations as well as the interest that is earned from five different Certificates of Deposits that have been set up under Mt. Horeb Perpetual Care.  On May 27, 1969, Ordinance #304 was approved and signed into effect.  This established the Mt. Horeb Perpetual Care Cemetery Fund for preservation, care, upkeep and adornment of the Mt. Horeb Cemetery for years to come.  The concern is that because of the drop in interests rates, the Certificates of Deposits are earning considerably less than when they were first set up, and added to this is the fact that there has been a decline in the sale of burial plots.  Because of this, the Mt. Horeb Cemetery is now in a situation where it will no longer continue to maintain itself beginning July 1, 2002 unless we resort to withdrawing from the Perpetual Care Fund.  Please consider donating to the Mt. Horeb Cemetery.
Ordinance Information

  • On April 22, 2002, the city council will vote on Bill #602 to create Ordinance #602.  This ordinance will establish the Sturgeon Fairgrounds Board, which will consist of seven members within the Sturgeon School district to oversee the fairgrounds.

  • The city would like to bring to everyone's attention that the City will begin enforcing the ordinances that fall under "Nuisances".  Please remember that the city is not doing this to point out any one individual as no one is exempt, but rather stress the importance of keeping Sturgeon a nice, clean place to live.  The city is looking at the following areas:  abandoned cars, non-operating cars, un-licensed vehicles, junk, weeds, hazardous buildings and others.  Letters will be sent out beginning in May and will allow for a 30-day period for the nuisance to be taken care of.

  • A reminder that the City also has an Ordinance that states that each cat and dog over the age of three months, within the city limits of Sturgeon must have an animal tag and proof of rabies vaccination.  The cost is $5.00 if the dog/cat is "not-fixed" or $2.50 is the dog/cat is "fixed".  In addition, within this ordinance there is a limitation of the number of dogs and cats allowed at any one particular location.  No more than a total of four (4) dogs or cats over the age of six-months is allowed.  Dog and Cat Tags are due June 1, 2002.

  • The city has in place a Floodplain Ordinance based upon federal requirements and regulations.  Since the approval of this, the city has concerns about the well being of our streams and creeks.  Each resident needs to be aware, that any "abnormal" items that are placed/dumped into a creek pose a threat to increased flooding as well as to the habitat/environment of the waterway itself.  It is illegal and a violation to dump any junk, unwanted items/appliances, trash as well as purposely placing tree limbs and branches into a waterway.

  • Ordinance #601 became effective February 25, 2002.  This Ordinance regulates the location of privacy fences and requires that they are set back 30 feet from the edge of any street or roadway.  The reason for this ordinance was for safety reasons.

Park and Tree Board

  • The city would like to extend their thanks for all of the hard work and dedication that Bill Frazier and the Park Board deserve.  For the sixth consecutive year now, Sturgeon has been awarded recognition as Tree City USA!  (Thank You)

  • Mark your calendars: Monday, April 15, 2002, Mayor Gene Kelly will read a proclamation announcing this date as the observance day of "Arbor Day" and a tree will be planted in recognition of Arbor Day.  Ann Koenig with the Missouri Department of Conservation will present to the City of Sturgeon the 2001 Tree City USA flag.  This event will take place at 5:30 P.M. and everyone is invited to attend.

Election Results

  • Congratulations go out to Eddie Drinkard and Ann Kelly.  Eddie Drinkard will serve as Alderman for Ward II District (East).  Ann Kelly will continue to serve as Alderperson for Ward I (West) district.  Both will serve a two-year term.


  • Another reminder that applies to all.  Please pay close attention to the Boone County Fire District emergency vehicles when they are responding to calls and have their lights and/or sirens running.  They do have the right of way and any intentional manner of interfering with them constitutes a violation.  Remember in the back of your mind, ...they could be responding to a call or accident involving someone that you know.

Sturgeon City Hall
P.O. Box 387
303 Station Dr.
(573) 687-3321

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