City of Sturgeon Newsletter
February 2002
Points of Interest

  • The City has received several complaints regarding the chip and oil of the streets.  We thought a lot of the excess rock would be picked up during snow removal, but so far there has not been too much of that.  The City is looking into possibly getting a street broom to sweep some of the excess rock away.

  • The city has filled the vacant police officer position.  The City Council decided during the closed session on 1/28/02 to move Officer William Jones to full time status.  Officer Jones has been working part time for the City of Sturgeon since June 2001.  Two thirds of the salary including benefits will be paid with funds from the COPS grant.

  • The Recreation Center is getting a lot of use since the beginning of the month.  The Sturgeon Recreation Association just received approval on their grant application for fitness equipment.  Boone Electric approved $6500.00 to be awarded to the association who will be purchasing two commercial treadmills and a stationary exercise bicycle.  Volley Ball is held every Monday evening.  Senior Citizens play cards every Saturday afternoon.  Men's basketball is every Sunday afternoon.

  • For the upcoming election on April 2, 2002 for Ward I and Ward II Council Positions the following applied: Eddie Drinkard, Ward I for a two year term and Ann Kelly, Ward II for a two year term.

New and Old Ordinances of Interest

  • Ordinance # 599 passed 1/28/02 does not allow additional manufactured homes in the R-1, Residential zones within the city limits, however ones that were in place before the passing date, can be replaced with newer and better manufactured homes.

  • Ordinance # 598 passed 10/22/01 requires that a special permit be obtained to build within a floodplain zone.  This ordinance comes under guidelines and regulations imposed by the federal government.  Without these ordinances and procedures in place, property owners that own land and/or structures within a floodplain would not be able to obtain insurance, which in turn would cause them to be denied for any loans on their property.

  • Ordinance # 542 passed December 26, 1995 established property setback lines for new buildings or additions to existing buildings.

  • Ordinance # 543 passed march 25, 1996 requires that a building permit for residential construction or remodeling projects in excess of 500 square feet or more be obtained prior to the project being started.  This policy comes under Boone County Planning and Zoning.

  • Ordinance # 562 passed February 22, 1999 does not allow any permanent signs within any Residential R-1 zone with the exception of those that are grandfathered in and that were in place.  Temporary signs such as "For Sale", "Construction signs", "garage sale" are permitted.

Youth Center

  • The City Council has decided to impose a $50.00 deposit to be paid by anyone or any group using the Youth Center.  The deposit will ensure that dates reserved for an event will be secured.  For non-profit groups such as 4-H or Scouts a one time deposit of $50.00 will ensure events scheduled for one year.  The only stipulation with this is that in the event that Youth Center is not cleaned as instructed or as outlined in the rules, a deposit will then be required for each and every event.

Park & Tree Board

  • If you are interested in the City's park and the betterment of the community, there are two vacancies on the Park and Tree Board.  Two new basketball goals are ready to install this spring and other improvements are planned.  Please apply at the city office.

  • In light of the ice damage to our urban forests, please browse the Tree City USA bulletins in the city office for tree care information.  Bulletins # 2, #6 and #8 are especially pertinent right now.  Also the MO.  Community Forestry Council's brochure "Experts Agree, Don't Top your Tree" a campaign to eliminate topping through education of proper tree pruning and management.

  • Hey kids, are you a Girl Scout or Boy Scout looking for an Eagle or Silver/Gold project?  Your Park Board has several ideas to help you complete your project.  Contact Mitch at 687-3892 or Bill at 687-3303.

  • If you have questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to call the City Offices.  The fourth Monday of each month the City Council holds its meetings.

Sturgeon City Hall
P.O. Box 387
303 Station Dr.
(573) 687-3321

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