City of Sturgeon Newsletter
June 2002
The city would like to commend the residents of Sturgeon who have begun complying with the Nuisance Violations.  As stated before, the city merely wants everyone to take pride in the community by keeping it looking nice.

The City is implementing a Sidewalk Committee.  If you are interested in serving on this board, contact Eddie Drinkard.  This is one way that you can contribute your ideas and opinions and make a difference.  This committee will be responsible for examining the sidewalks and presenting recommendations to the Board of Aldermen for those in need of repair and prioritize the ones that are most severe.  In addition the committee would also work together with the city and fellow residents to come up with some type of plan to cover expenses.  There may possibly be funds available through the state in the form of grants or there may be a way that we could share cost the project between property owners and the city.

Other Committees - Members Needed
If you have ever questioned why things are done a certain way or not done at all, here is your chance to voice your opinions.
  • Planning & Zoning - Contact Ronnie Sage
  • Park & Tree Board - Contact Bill Frazier
  • The Sturgeon Fall Festival is looking for someone to volunteer to be in charge of the Fall Festival Parade in September.  Please contact: Linda Arends
Questions on Alley's
The city office has available a map showing which alleys are opened or closed.
Any alley that is "open" is not maintained by the city, but must be kept open and accessible.  There have been several issues brought up regarding alley's, which deemed it necessary to create a listing of ones that have been closed by City Ordinance.

Surf Sturgeon on the Web!!!
If you have not taken the time to check out the city's website, you may want to do so. James Martin is responsible for updating and maintaining the site. Currently the newsletters are available on line and we plan to have the minutes from the council meetings posted there as well.

Forthcoming Nature Area
Bill Frazier, director of the Park and Tree Board announced during the April meeting that the city will be receiving a donation of six lots to be used for a park/nature area.  The lots are located at the east end of East Burks.

From the Chief of Police:
Do you know where your children are and what they are doing???

The Police Department has received numerous calls from concerned citizens regarding the "activities" of the school age children.  Please note that city streets as well as public parking lots are not playgrounds!  At this point and time, the city does not have an area set aside for skateboarding activities.
There has also been an increase in vandalism throughout the City of Sturgeon.  Acts of vandalism and destruction are punishable by law and parents of juveniles and minors can be held responsible for any damages.

Rail Road Safety reminder: - It has been noticed that children have been playing near the railroad tracks not only when trains are not present but also when trains are going through town.  The trains pass through Sturgeon at rates of 60 MPH, which the Division of Transportation back in 1994 stated the following in a letter to the City based upon the city's concerns over the rate of speed:  "The Norfolk and Western Railroad meets and exceeds the requirements of the Federal Railroad Administration Track Safety Standards for the speeds of 60 miles per hour through the City of Sturgeon."
In 1996, the City of Sturgeon received written permission from Norfolk Southern authorizing our officers to warn and/or arrest trespassers encountered on Norfolk Southern Property.
Most generally, people do have enough common sense and can realize the danger in playing near the tracks or attempting to "beat" the train, however there are some that do not.
Parents please remind your children and strongly emphasize just how dangerous their curious interest can be and let them know that they can get in serious trouble if they are caught.
The city has a park for children to play in.  Railroad tracks and crossings are not a playground!!!

Fireworks are not allowed within the city limits except on the 4th of July!!!!!

From the Mayor:
FYI: Regarding "Residency Requirements" for law enforcement officers.
The following bill is in current legislature:
HB 1869 - "A bill to prohibit residency requirements for peace officers statewide"

The city would like to point out to the citizens, as there have been questions raised regarding the residency of our police officers.  There is no city ordinance that states a law enforcement officer has to reside within the city limits or within a certain amount of miles from the city limits.  In the past the City of Sturgeon may of verbally required that an officer reside in or within close proximity to the city, however the city cannot require this of any officer.  In regards to officers taking police vehicles home this is done to reduce the amount of time in responding to calls if they are called out before or after their scheduled shift.

The City of Sturgeon has been recently approached by PRIME Development Corporation in regards to a possible industrial park being built to the West of Sturgeon along Benson Road.  This proposal is in the beginning stages with Boone County Planning and Building, which may lead to the City of Sturgeon possibly signing a Pre-annexation agreement to keep the best interests of the growth of Sturgeon in mind.

Swimming Weather is just around the corner!!!!!
Please note: If you have, or plan to install a swimming pool this summer, City Ordinance # 488 states "any pool containing 24" or more of water in depth shall be enclosed with a fence not less than 4-feet in height..." (Please refer to Ordinance for complete explanation)

A friendly reminder - Water bills are due by the 10th subject to disconnection after the 21st of each month.  The city office has in the past called and reminded residents when disconnections are scheduled, to give those a chance to come in and pay, however this is not MANDATORY, merely a courtesy.

Regarding rate increases:  The city council passed two ordinances regarding rate increases as it was felt that they were needed to maintain the city's revenue so the city may function properly.  The sewer base rate will be increased $1.50 and a fee of $1.50 will be added to the trash bill.

A letter was sent to the Missouri Department of Transportation at the end of April in regards to the street work that was done on State Rt V/Ogden.  The main emphasis was to thank the state for the work as it greatly improved the road condition but also to address the fact that through the downtown area there is not much of a curb left. At this time, we have not received a formal response to our letter but have received acknowledgement that they have forwarded our concern to the proper authority.

A huge "Thank-You" goes out to the 4-H members and volunteers who made the new 4-H Arena a reality.  Memorial Day weekend was spent constructing the arena so that it would be completed by 6/15/02 to hold their first cattle show.

The City would like to thank the following people for all of their hard work in loading & hauling numerous loads of dirt from the high school to the fairgrounds:
Gary Arends, Zane Arends, CD Richards, Jeff Richards, Danny Herrin, Brad Galloway, Charles Angle, Dick Sumpter, Buster Adkinson, Stan Robinson, Shawn Arends, Ronnie Brooks, Louis Beckfield, Romie Thornhill, Eddie Drinkard, Joe Long, Tom Martin, Dean Connolly and all others that have helped that are not mentioned.  These citizens either independently or through companies they work for, donated their time and equipment for this effort.

Construction or Remodel Projects
Boone County Planning & Building states:  any construction or remodel project more than 500 square feet is required to have a building permit.  The City of Sturgeon passed Ordinance #543 in 1996 to comply with Boone County Planning & Building requirements.
  • Requiring building permits ensures that all construction and remodel projects will be in compliance with Boone County's regulations so that they meet or exceed all building codes.
  • The City of Sturgeon collects the fees are set by Boone County Planning & Building and then sends the money to them.  Building permits do not affect the revenue of Sturgeon.
  • In addition, if you have in the past been issued a building permit, it is your responsibility to schedule all inspections, including the final inspection.  If there is a lapse of time longer than 6 months since your last inspection and Boone County does not show a "final inspection" the City of Sturgeon has the right to "VOID" your permit and require a that you obtain a new permit.  (There currently are 18 permits issued since 1998 that are not showing as "final")

Sturgeon City Hall
P.O. Box 387
303 Station Dr.
(573) 687-3321

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