City of Sturgeon Newsletter
September 2002

Sturgeon Fall Festival - September 12th - 15th

Be sure and make it to the annual Fall Festival Parade on Saturday, September 14th beginning at 9:00 am.
This year's theme is "Patriotism on Parade"!!!!

Employee Updates:
If you have not noticed yet, we have two new faces around town.
Gary Lear replaces Louis Beckfield who held the position as Asst.  Maintenance Superintendent for the past 17 years.  We are sad to see Louis go but sincerely wish him well in his new endeavors and we look forward to working with Gary.  Gary and his wife, June have resided in Sturgeon for 12 years and own several pieces of rental property.
Officer Tim Kamp joined the police department August 2 and brings to Sturgeon 14 years of experience in law enforcement.  Tim and his wife reside in Columbia.
Officer Kamp will primarily work the evening and weekend shift.

2002 Street Project:
As you know last year, the city had several streets chipped and sealed with many complaints regarding the excess amount of gravel.  This year the city will once again have street work as part of the 5-year street project in conjunction with Boone County Public Works, however this time instead of using regular gravel the city will use pea gravel.  The estimated cost of this years project is $18,340.00 with $8000.00 being provided through the 2002 Boone County Capital Improvement Revenue Sharing.  During the 8/26/02 Council meeting, sealed bids were opened with the following results:

Christenson Construction Co. $ 17,474.08 * Frech paving $12,399.00 * Higgins Asphalt $13,387.83
Vance Bros. Inc. $11,815.00 * APAC $17,631.25

The city awarded the contract to Vance Bros., as they came in with the lowest bid.
The following streets will be worked on this year:

West Proctor Street - mile * South Robinson Street- 2 Blocks * West Jones St. - 2 Blocks
South Turner St. - 2 Blocks * West Burks - 2 Blocks * West Patton - 1 Block
West McDowell - 2 Blocks * South Walker - 3 Blocks

The street work will be done most likely the latter part of September or the first part of October.  Once we have a specific date, we will make it publicly known, as some of the streets will be blocked for a period of time.

Regarding Nuisances:
The city is still receiving complaints on wrecked and abandoned cars.  Please note the following:
August 26, 02 the city council approved and passed Ordinance # 606 which defines the term "Non-Operating Vehicle" as including any vehicle which is not licensed and insured according to state law for operation on public highways, and also any vehicle which cannot be immediately and safely driven on public highways by reason of a flat tire, or the lack of a tire, or a defective or run-down battery, or any other defective part or parts necessary to the safe operation of the vehicle.
Again just to make it clear, the city is not specifically picking on anyone person, only merely attempting to impress upon each and every resident that we should strive to keep the appearance of the city up.

The city is in the process of annexing a piece of property owned by Tom Barnes.  Tom is voluntarily annexing the property, which is in the southwest edge of Sturgeon.  The city will read the Ordinance for this at the next council meeting scheduled 9/23/02.
If you are interested in voluntarily annexing property into the City of Sturgeon, contact Jean Richards at the city office.

The annual audit is tentatively scheduled for September 9-10th and will be done by Gerding, Korte and Chitwood as has been over the last several years.

Bulk Pickup:
It's that time again....this the year the bulk pickup will be Friday September 13th.  A reminder that appliances will be accepted, however the compressors must be removed from all appliances containing freon.
They will not accept:  Yard waste, tires, batteries, car parts, demolition materials, liquids or chemicals.
Garbage is limited to what 2 men can lift into the truck.

By City Ordinance # 279, passed and approved August 23, 1966....
Section 3 - "It shall be the duty of the owner or occupant of each business, house or dwelling to install or display the assigned number of such business, house or residence in a conspicuous place on the front of such business, house or residence, and each number shall be at least 2 inches in height."

Many times, individuals think that in a small town this is not necessary, as most people generally know where most people live or have a good idea. However, should there be an emergency and your house is unnumbered those individuals responding to your home or business may not know you and have difficulty in locating you, which could potentially mean the difference between life and death.  It is also a good idea to always make certain that your phone number corresponds with your actual 911 address.

Another reminder regarding emergency vehicles....  Law enforcement, volunteer, medical or fire vehicles have the right of way when they are running with their lights and sirens on.  Always slow down, pull off to the side and never follow too closely behind an emergency vehicle.

Skateboarding Issues:
Regarding this issue in general....  The City has received a request about the possibility of allowing a privately made skateboard ramp be set up on the city's tennis court to be designated as a "skateboard park".
At this point and time, the city cannot take a stand to allow or permit this request.  There are many factors involved with this decision with the main one being liability issues.
Patricia Lewis came before the board on 8/26 to see about organizing a committee to look into funding and other issues involved with developing a Skateboard Park.  The Mayor advised her to go ahead with the organization of such committee and to thoroughly investigate this matter and present the findings to the City Council.
Until the time that such a park would be developed; the city is reminding all parents of those that skateboard that although we understand this is something the kids enjoy doing we need to stress that there has been a lack of respect, courtesy and consideration from some individuals which unfortunately reflects all those that do skateboard.

From the United States Postal Service St. Louis Safety Office:
Skateboarding and bicycling is not allowed on the premises of the Sturgeon Post Office Lot as this is federal property.  Both pose safety and liability issues and will not be tolerated.

Ordinance # 579 approved and passed September 25, 2000 outlines the following:

Under the age of 16 - Curfew is 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM **Ages 16 & 17 - Curfew is 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM

The curfew does not apply if the minor is accompanied by his/her parent, guardian or other adult person having the care or custody of the minor, or if they are on an emergency errand or legitimate business directed by his/her parent, guardian or other adult person having the care or custody of the minor.

Prohibited use of Tobacco Products:
Ordinance # 581 approved and passed April 23, 2001, prohibits the use of tobacco products on public property by persons under the age of eighteen years.  Violation of this ordinance shall constitute a misdemeanor.

Please note that the city can take signed complaint forms on non-traffic incidences from residents as long as the complainant is willing to testify in court.

Phone Numbers: Please keep these numbers handy in case of problems or emergencies.
Galaxy Cable - (800) 365-6988 - They are usually in town on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Ameren UE - (800) 552-7583
Superior Trash - (800) 778-7652

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7: 00 AM - 3:00 PM Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
City Office - (573) 687-3321

A friendly reminder - Water bills are due by the 10th and subject to disconnection after the 21st of each month.  If your water is shut off, there is a $25.00 reconnect fee.  If the lock has been tampered with and or broken, there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of replacement.

Sturgeon City Hall
P.O. Box 387
303 Station Dr.
(573) 687-3321

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